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Free Mahjongg Game

Mahjongg is a Chinese sport played with 144 tiles, small rectangular blocks of wood or ivory with a face showing a variety of characters and designs. There are 108 suit tiles (bamboo, circles, and characters), 28 honor titles (winds and dragons), along with 8 flower tiles. The game is well known under a large number of alternate names, including Mahjong, Man Chu, Mah Diao, Ma Chong, Mah Chong, Ma Chiao, Mo Tsiah, Ma Chiang, Ma Cheuk, Ma Jong, Pung Chow, Ching Chong, Kong Chow, Mah Deuck, Mah Cheuk, Ma Chiang, Pe Ling, Lung Chan, Mah Lowe, Baak Ling, and more.

The game "at least in computer versions", is played in two principal ways: traditional and solitaire. The traditional game is played with four players, while the solitaire game is played by means of one, and consists completely of matching tiles from various layouts

Free Mahjongg Games Now Available

Most of these Mahjongg games are now available free for downloads and playing online such as:
  • Super Mahjongg Solitaire
  • Shockwave: Mahjongg Solitaire
  • Mahjongg Quest
  • Chinese classical Mahjongg
  • New Chinese Mahjongg
  • Japanese Mahjongg etc.

The most celebrated Mahjongg solitaires for Windows comprise the versions released by Gamehouse: Super Mahjongg Solitaire, Shockwave: Mahjongg Solitaire, Real Arcade and Big Fish Games, and of course, there are more than enough of other versions available. But no one projected mahjong solitaire on 5 platforms. The game is accessible for free download for Windows, Palm, Pocket, and Mac. Pick the device and download Mahjong game for free. This mahjong game consists of 4 diverse variants of the game, together with some extremely new mahjong style games as well as the classic Chinese version of mahjongg. You just need to download the game and prefer the game you like. Read about Free Mahjongg Games

Free Mahjongg Solitaire

Free Mahjongg solitaire is a free puzzle game based on a traditional Chinese game for four persons. The goal is to get rid of all 144 tiles from the board. You may eliminate only paired free tiles. The tile is free when there are no tiles moreover to the left or to the right from it. Read about Free Mahjongg Solitaire

Free Mahjongg Shanghai

In the Free Mahjongg Shanghai the participants match tile pairs until all of the tiles are moved out. To be selectable, a tile have got to be at the right or left end of a line in the pyramid of tiles, and must have no other tiles on top of it. A few tiles can be harmonized if they share similar themes, such as diverse flowers of the four seasons. Read about Mahjongg Shanghai

Free Mahjongg Tower

Free Mahjongg Tower is a game where you have to eliminate as many of the tile as probable from the playing board, as the rules allow. Tiles are detached by selecting them in pairs that match. They then disappear, revealing other tiles to be removed. Tiles can be detached from horizontal edges to horizontal boundaries or from vertical edges to vertical edges. Read about Mahjongg Tower

Free Mahjongg Game In 3D Environment

Free Mahjongg Solitaire in astonishing 3D environments, like Chinese temple environment with torchlight illuminating the playing tiles! 3D Magic Mahjongg presents the typical Mahjongg Solitaire tile matching game with vibrant lighting and a tranquil multi-layered soundtrack. Extremely easy to learn but hard to stop playing! For any person who has ever played a variation of Mahjongg and liked it, you'll adore 3D Magic Mahjongg! It is non-violent and fun for all ages.
Read about Free Mahjongg Game in 3D

Free Mahjongg Game NingPo

Settle down while you take pleasure in this classic solitaire game of tile matching. Features include: several layouts, tile sets, and backdrops to select from, plus great music, high scores, shuffle, undo, and hint options. Read about Free Mahjong NingPo

Free Mahjongg Deluxe

Speed and rational skills are your most vital weapons in this version of the ancient Asian game. Clear the board as soon as feasible by clicking on matching tiles and pave your way to perpetual fame in the high score. Read

Free Mahjongg Quest

More than an addictive puzzle game, this is an innovative cinematic experience. After three dragons inflict destruction over the empire, young Kwazi must use an ancient set of Mahjongg tiles to restore balance. Take pleasure in sweeping animations as you assist Kwazi journey through the Orient, meeting intelligent animal guides and using an incredible array of special tiles to solve tricky puzzles. Read

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