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Mahjong Time Article on Random Number Generator

The purpose of this article is to have an open discussion regarding the fairness and randomness of the Mahjong Time game. We realize that some players have questioned how our system works and sometimes comment that they believe the system is either broken or biased in some way. Our goal is to take this opportunity to discuss this issue openly and to provide our perspective on this issue.

The most important point we want to make clear is that Mahjong Time has the most interest in the games being dealt and played fairly. Our entire business depends on this. Both our company and our players benefit from having as many people as possible playing on our site and becoming members. If our Random Number Generator (RNG) was not secure and truly random, we would open ourselves to the potential to have cheating players exploit our games. This would truly ruin our business and credibility. When players suggest to us that our game is not random or fair, we want players to consider our perspective on the matter.

Our RNG is a secure and fair system that ensures that tiles are distributed randomly for every game. It is a technical advanced and has been thoroughly  tested. We do not "alter" this programming for different types of games or for certain types of players. Some players have stated that the game favors either "newbie" players, while others have said the game always gives better tiles to the more experienced players. Mahjong Time is completely neutral in who wins games. Our business succeeds by simply offering the best online mahjong game experience to as many people as possible. There is no business reason for us to not have the tiles and the entire game conducted in a truly random and fair method.

If a majority of players believe the tiles are not always distributed randomly and that they are given "bad tiles", then logically it cannot be the case.  One psychological effect that players need to understand is that people remember the odd event or outcome. We remember exceptions and that can alter the perception of an entire experience. When it comes to games, people especially remember events that cause them to lose. More people recall five-game losing streaks much more than they do five-game winning streaks. We do not mean to insult players that have contacted us about odd occurrences. We simply want our players to understand that with the  sheer volume of games played every day at Mahjong Time, there is by definition a lot of randomness. You might see two hands in a row that are very similar, which does not mean the game has a "bug" or is trying to make you lose, it is simply true randomness in action. Especially if you play many games in a day, there are going to be some odd events that happen.  Odd things happen. Players will go on long winning streaks and also on long losing streaks.

We hope that by writing about this issue, players have a new perspective regarding the perceived fairness and randomness of our game. We cannot stress enough that our business is based on the trust we have established with our players, and our assurance that we do everything possible to make your experience enjoyable.

If you want to comment on this article, please visit our blog.

As always, we thank you for supporting our site and for playing at Mahjong Time.
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