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April 2015 Tournaments


Global Mahjong Tournaments are four-hour-long events, held every Saturday, that offer Mahjong Time members a chance to be ranked against each other in an official competitive environment.


Important Note: To be eligible for this year’s bonus GMT prizes a player MUST:

  • Play the tournament using Mahjong Time EON
  • Be a Mahjong Time member
Click on the “Tournaments” tab in the Mahjong Time lobby to register for GMT events!

This month's GMT winners are:

Hong Kong GMT
1. victorleilei
2. tonyfurukawa
3. biggles6
1. biggles6
2. a3geffen
3. mtunez
1. Arlene44
2. Woitzel
3. deesawyer

Taiwanese GMT
1. beebee66
2. abamom
3. mack37


Thanks to all those who participated!

Click Here to see the schedule of GMT events.


The April Taiwanese Madness Tournament was played on 04/25/15, and featured $250 Prize Pool!
1. SuzThomas - $150.00
2. bandit222 -$100.00

Hong Kong Madness Tournament was played on 04/18/15 and featured $250.
1. SuzThomas - $150.00
2. talamedav - $100.00

Thank you to everyone who participated in this wonderful events.

Interested in fun competition in huge winnings? May’s Madness event will be played on. 05/30/15 Reserve your seat today to secure your chance to win! Click Here to check out the list of scheduled Madness events.

Zung Jung and Japanese Modern


Interested in trying interesting and unique rule sets? Check out Zung Jung and Japanese Modern All Dragons Tournaments, played on alternate Sundays. These events feature a 500 Golden Coin prize in addition to the regular Dragon Chip prize for Mahjong Time members! The entry fee is only 5,000 Dragon Chips, so don’t miss out on your chance to try these special rule sets!

Important Note: To be eligible for this year’s bonus GMT prizes a player MUST:
  • Play the tournament using Mahjong Time EON
  • Be a Mahjong Time member
Click Here to see the list of scheduled Dragon Tournament events (including Zung Jung and Japanese Modern)

The Zung Jung winners in April is:
(04/05) - once
(04/19) - a3geffen

Riichi Ari Ari winner in April is:
(04/12) - a3geffen
(04/26) - luxembourg

Un joueur français de Mahjong Time s'est placé deuxième au Championnat Mondial de Mahjong 2010!
WSoM 2010 - "Pas très bien cette année, tout le monde était bouleversé"
Profil du joueur: alien84
Le Tournoi Madness RCR de 1000$ s’approche!
Tournoi TW GMT, le 28 août
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