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MahjongTime News

Player Profile - Roxan

This month we are profiling Mahjong Time member Roxan!

Thanks Roxan for answering our profile questions!

Q: How long have you played at Mahjong Time?
A: 2006, I guess I'm one of the pioneers and have been a member ever since.

Q: Who is your favorite Mahjong Time player?
A: "Nobody" - not only is he a very good player (i have a feeling we have the same strategies) but he is also responsible for my participating in live tournaments which so far I have won two championships.

Q: What other interests/hobbies do you have in addition to mahjong?
A: Reading, dancing, singing, and skiing.

Q: What style of mahjong do you like best? Why is this your favorite?
A: I like playing Chinese Official because it is more challenging, interesting and fun as well. This is also the style used in live tournaments that I participate in.

Q: Tell us more about yourself! What would your other Mahjong Time players be surprised to know about you?
A: I work night shifts as a quality controller so you see me play either early in the morning when i come home from work (to relax before i go to sleep) or late in the afternoon when i wake up.  I live in the Swiss alps surrounded by God-given natural wonders.  MJTime players aurea, hwa, janco & credmo can surely vouch for that.  And thank God and technology, we have internet!  Playing on Mahjong Time is a welcome alternative to a way of life.

Q: Do you have a favorite specific game or tournament you played on our site?
A: The 2008 OFMC, I won the tournament but boy that was nerve-wrecking!  Well...exciting too!

Q: What do you like about Mahjong Time?
A: What I like about Mahjong Time is their continuous effort to improve and upgrade their site over these years though not to everyone's satisfaction.  But the fact remains the same, I believe these improvements / upgrades are meant to be competitive with other sites and NOT to spite players.  Otherwise why would they do that?  It is simply not in their interest to make players and members unhappy!
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