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Player Profile 4xScorpioGirl

This month we are profiling Mahjong Time member 4xScorpioGirl!

Thanks 4xScorpioGirl for answering our profile questions!

Q: How long have you played at Mahjong Time?
A: I found the site a little over a year ago and think I've been here EVERYDAY since... LOL!! I've been playing for 27 years, but when new cards come out, I always feel like a beginner.

Q: Who is your favorite Mahjong Time player?
A: Hard to say... SO many players are not only good players, they also have a great sense of humor! I was fortunate to meet Lynne LaCroix when she came here to California to visit her best friend, we had a GREAT time and I look forward to her visit this year! I've also done some of my custom photo charm work for PrincessB (I did one of her avatar) it came out SO CUTE!! She gets frustrated with my "style" of play (I'm a risk taker/thrower) but she's great to play with, I've learned from her. Mahjoning is another favorite player, I adore her southern drawl that appears in her posts. I enjoy everyone I play with... because I love to play!!

Q: What other interests/hobbies do you have in addition to mahjong?
A: I sell several different types of charms. Italian Charms, Cell Phone Charms & Shoe Charms. I have a website & also sell on Ebay. I enjoy taking care of my rose garden... photography and playing online Survivor game! I'm a HUGE Reality TV Fan!!

Q: What style of mahjong do you like best? Why is this your favorite?
A:I prefer AM, I've been trying to learn HK, I have most of it, but think I really need to play LIVE with someone in order for them to teach me the point system.

Q: Tell us more about yourself! What would your other Mahjong Time players be surprised to know about you?
A: Other than having PURPLE HAIR.... I used to work in Film & TV and when I was 18, I was the Flordia State Girl... lol, I was on a HUGE billboard and 1st 18 year old to register to vote in Flordia.

Q: Do you have a favorite specific game or tournament you played on our site?
A: I was registered to play the AM tournament, unfortunately is was cancelled.. so VERY much looking forward to another one. I like the 12 second tables.

Q: What do you like about Mahjong Time?
A: Just a click of my mouse.. and I'm there! Can almost always find a game to play. I have become friends with many of the other players. Lately, it's been nice to see alot of NEW AM players here.
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Player Profile 4xScorpioGirl
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