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Mahjongg Games Online Downloads

The Mahjongg game is well known as the "Ancient Game of the Chinese". The game begins as a four-player game where players try to win to create matching tiles and accomplish a winning hand. Whether its described as Mahjongg, Mah Cheuck, Baak Ling, Ma Jong, Mah Jong, Mah Jongg, Ma Diao, Ma Cheuk, or Pung Chow the record of this game is as exciting as the game itself.

A latest variety of the game known as Shanghai Mahjongg or Mahjongg Solitaire allowed the game to put on worldwide reputation, eclipsing even the fame of the card game solitaire. The solitaire range of Mahjongg is preferably suited for computers and distribution on the Internet. While the rules of the game have little in general with the novel four player Mahjongg games, the tile sets stay and the mechanics of the game remain unchanged.

Varieties of Free Mahjongg Games for Download

Most of the Mahjongg Games are now available for download Online. Top Mahjongg games available for download are:
  • Mahjongg Towers II
  • Mahjongg Quest
  • Mahjongg Medley
  • Super Mahjongg
  • Gekko Mahjongg
  • Mahjonggg USA
  • 3D Magic Mahjongg
  • Emperor's Mahjongg
Some of the other well-known Mahjongg games that too is available for download are:
  • MaxJongg
  • Ultimate Mahjongg
  • Twilight Mahjongg
  • Mahjongg Halloween
  • Mahjongg Holidays II
  • Mahjongg Variations
  • Mahjongg Valentines
  • Dragon Puzzle
  • Mahjongg Mania
  • Mahjongg Easter
  • Rhiannon's Realm
  • Mahjongg Fortuna
  • Mahjongg: Journey of Enlightenment
Here comes Ultimate Mahjongg for the entire family! This latest entry in the Mahjongg variety lets you play the traditional game like never before. It comes with tile set and layout editors as well as the whole lot else you could want from a Mahjongg game. Ultimate Mahjongg needs DirectX9 to be installed, you can download it from Microsoft's website.

Ever Mahjongg is a new authentic 3-dimensional Mahjongg outcome. User-friendly interface, soothing atmosphere, highly adaptable game field and background tell apart this game from others. As the water polishes stone with time building it more smooth, as human mind moves forward the ancient China game, Mahjongg, making it to exactness, better and deeper. Having developed from domino game and several card games, Mahjongg becomes most accepted mind exercise and relaxation until nowadays.

Featuring 120 Layouts, 24 Tile Sets, 36 Backgrounds and 15 comforting songs. 3 modes of play: Finesse (Clear tiles by means of tools), Agility (Race in opposition to the clock), and Wisdom (generate words). Profile Screen screening 10 player statistics alongside with a color graph displaying all positions achieved in all Layouts. As part of free mahjong downloads there are big and attractive Tile Sets that can be played. Including Classic, Flags, Astrology, Space, Egyptian, Marine Life, Nature, Meso Deco, Asia, Warning Signs, Traffic Signs, Medieval Fantasy, Communication, Buildings, Bugs, Music, Tools, Chinese Zodiac, Africa, Colors, Food & others. With free mahjong downloads you can take part in Layouts from 144 tiles to 288 tiles in dimension. There are lots of variations. Additional features include Hint, Undo, Pair, Mix, and Peek depending on the game styles your playing. Challenging
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