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In the spotlight - c00pdNnatop

Untitled Our player profiles are your chance to learn more about some of the people you see online and have played against! For this month, we are spotlighting a very dedicated Russian Player c00pdNnatop  (Stanislav Ilyin) who discovered Mahjong Time in 2008 and has been a frequent player since. c00pdNnatop has founded the 13 Orphans Mahjong club in the city of Krasnoyarsk(1000 km east of Moscow), and also created an entertaining MCR rules Quizzer and a "what to discard" program. Click here to check it out. We had chance to ask Stanislav Ilyin a few questions:
Q: Where did the idea and inspiration for starting the 13 Orphans Mahjong Club in Krasnoyarsk?
A: Until recently, I was thinking that mahjong it's a search for paired tiles. When I learned that there  is a real mahjong, I wanted to bring this to others. I designed the layout of the club logo, printed it on T-shirt and sometimes ride on a bicycle in this T-shirt :)
Q: How did you originally discover multiplayer Mahjong?
A: I was hoping that you asked about this:). Actually, what I became acquainted with mahjong - a pure accident. Once in Moscow, I bought a metal puzzles and after  I was back in Krasnoyarsk I began to search for them on the Internet. This way I found a shop which assortment include mahjong. Since then, it all started...
Q: How long have you played at Mahjong Time?
A: I registered at MahjongTime in middle 2008.  But then I yet did not have a normal internet :). Around the beginning of 2009, I began to play MahjongTime regularly but not so much, how it would be desirable.
Q: How often do you play online?
A: 3-4 rounds per 2-3 days, sometimes little more.
Q: What do you like the most about Mahjong Time?
A: Constant updates, the ability to view the game, almost always possible to find a company to play sport rules , providng base for Russian online marathon. After the "January 2010 update" MahjongTime is much better.
Q: Looking back on your Mahjong Time experience, what would you say was your favorite tournament to play in?
A: Hmm ... I remember OEMC'09, when I finished on  the 16-th place. I remember my first championship (but i don't remember which exactly), when in the first round we played 10 or 11 deals and it was on the old version MahjongTime! Interesting achievements I got thru the Russian marathon - at the first stage, I twice gathered 13 orphans, and the first of them - in the first deal and from the wall :). In addition, in the second stage of marathon, I won first 8 deals in a row.
Q: What other interests/hobbies do you have in addition to Mahjong?
A: I love to travel, although it doesn't happen as often as I would wish for. Sometimes I build matchbox houses. Recently I started to build a genealogical tree, it's quite interesting.
Q: Which style of Mahjong do you like best? Why is this your favorite?
A: I started to play "European modern", but then forced myself to learn the "sport" rules and do not regret about it. Now I play almost exclusively sport rules, sometimes riichi. Sport rules I choose because they are unified,  negate the luck factor and  very different hands can be gathered. Riichi I decided to learn after watching Akagi :), and now at home I have a set with transparent tiles.
Q What is better: playing live or playing online?
A: Live. Especially with new players. However, playing online has advantages - I can play with people from all over the world and I can participate in international competitions.
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