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MahjongTime News

$100 Refer A Friend Bonus Offer - Extra Leaderboard Program!

Wow. Now this is a big news. We are doubling the payout for our refer a friend program to an unheard of $100!! You can still refer UNLIMITED friends, but now you can make $100 per referral.

Here's how to do it! Login to your account, click on either the Refer a Friend "envelope" icon or the red "$100 Refer-a-Friend Bonus" button that appears on the Information section, and follow the instructions! We will send out a personal invitation to each of your friends asking them to join Mahjong Time. They sign up and start playing for cash or become members and, you get real money deposited into your account!

Complete Terms and Conditions:

In this promotion the following definitions shall apply: "Referrer" is the person inviting his friends to play; and "Referred Friend" is the person being told about Mahjong Time.
The Referred Friend must be a new member and not previously signed up with Mahjong Time.
The maximum bonus per Referred Friend is $100.
There is not a limit on the number of referred friends. Referred Friend must register for Mahjong Time after following the link contained in the Refer a Friend email that was initiated by the Referrer. This link is unique to the specific Referred Friend and may not be shared with other individuals. A Referrer may only invite an individual Referred Friend one time. The Referrer will receive the bonus as soon as the Referred Friend has opened an account and either made a deposit or purchased a subscription. Once the Referred Friend has spent $10 on entry fees, $1 will be deposited in the Referrer's account. Also, 50% of the Referred Friend subscription amount will be deposited to the Referrer account. For example, if the Referred Friend spends $79.95 for a VIP Yearly subscription, the Referrer will receive a $40 immediately. The Referrer is only entitled to a Refer a Friend Bonus if the Referred Friend comes to Mahjong Time through the link supplied in the e-mail sent to him by the Referrer using the "Refer Friends" form located within the Mahjong Time game platform.

Mahjong Time's decisions are final in regards to Referred Friend eligibility and Referrer bonus payouts.
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