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RCR Madness Tournament - complimentary satellite seat for all VIP members!

Celebrate the return of RCR Madness Tournaments with a complimentary satellite seat for all VIP members!

RCR Madness is back, and Mahjong Time is offering plenty of bonuses to make it bigger than ever! To kick things off, VIP members receive a free satellite seat, which paves the way towards qualifiers and big main event winnings. Additionally, Mahjong Time will add $100 to the prize pool for every 4 players that compete in the main event! So sign up for heated competition and up to $1400 in winnings! Note: To receive your free satellite seat, simply purchase a satellite entry and your account will be credited after the main event. The free satellite seat offer expires 09/10/11.

Early Bird Registration! Players who register by Sunday, August 28th(PDT) will receive an additional $5 after participating in the tournament. Please note: To be eligible for the bonus, you have to be registered for the tournament for the entire time. If you unregister at any time, you will not be eligible for the $5 early bird bonus.

RCR Madness Tournament Promotion! For each 4 players who participate in the tournament on Saturday, September 10th Mahjong Time will add $100 Bonus Prize ! Remember, 4 players - Prize fund: $350(Prize Distribution: 1st -$200; 2d - $100; 3d - $50) ; 8 Players - Prize Fund: $700(Prize Distribution: 1st -$350; 2d - $250; 3d - $100); 12 Players - Prize fund: $1050(Prize Distribution: 1st -$500; 2d - $300; 3d - $250); and 16 Players - Prize fund: $1400(Prize Distribution: 1st -$700; 2d - $400; 3d - $300)!

Here are the details:

Madness Tournament
Prize Pool: From $350 to $1,400
Rules: TW
Tournament Rounds: 4 Players - One Round; 8 Players- One elimination round and a 4 player final; 12-16 players - Two elimination rounds and a 4 player final;
Min. Points: 1 Yaku
Players: 4 -16
Play Time: up to 180 min.
Date and Time: Saturday, September 10th
US/Pacific(PDT) 4:00 AM
Tokyo(UTC+9) 21:00
Singapore 20:00
Europe/London(GMT) 12:00
Buy - in directly to the tournament: $67.5

Satellite and Qualifier Schedule

Day/Time PDT - US/Pacific Singapore Europe/London
Mondays 7:00 AM/8:00 AM and 8:30 PM/9:30 PM 22:00/23:00 15:00/16:00
Tuesdays   11:30/12:30 4:30/5:30
Wednesdays 8:30 PM/9:30 PM    
Thursdays   11:30/12:30 4:30/5:30
Saturdays 5:00 AM/6:00 AM 20:00/21:00 13:00/14:00

Registration & Check-in: The registration closes at least 12 hours before the tournament start time in case 1, 2, 3 or 4 tables are already full. Otherwise, the registration will be closed 30 minutes before the tournament start time. The registered players are required to check-in(login to the game) 15 minutes before the tournament start.

Important Notes: If you win more than one seat to the Madness Tournament, you can use your spare seats as entry into next month's Madness Tournament! In case of a tie each player receives half of the prize or half of the credit

TW and RCR satellites, qualifiers and tournament seats are interchangeable. This means that if you win a TW satellite you can choose to participate in either a TW or RCR qualifier, and vice-versa.

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