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Hong Kong Mahjong Scoring
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Mahjong Rules: Description of the Mahjong Game


'Mahjong Rules' can be interpreted from Chinese as 'clattering sparrow', 'flax sparrow' or perhaps as 'hemp bird', the game being developed in the late 1800's in the Ningpo area of China.

Diverse mahjong rules use pretty parallel basic rules, but different scoring and different plans, special hands and tile combinations. Although the Mahjong Game as it is normally played today can be traced back only to the end of the previous century, the line of games that progressed to Mahjong Game is long and extensive. From around 800 AD card games were played which bear a resemblance to the way Mahjong Game is played. The cards used in these games looked a lot like the money used in those days.

Lately a mounting number of people understood the intellectual challenge Mahjong Game poses and the attractiveness and enthusiasm of the game itself. Thus, abundant clubs of mahjong fans have evolved and a whole philosophic system of Mahjong Rules representation is now shaped up.

Mahjong Rules: Styles


. Chinese Official Mahjong Rules
. Hong Kong Mahjong Rules
. American Style Mahjong Rules
. Japanese Modern Mahjong Rules
. European Classical Mahjong Rules
. WSoM Mahjong Rules
. Taiwanese Mahjong Rules

The Mahjong Game Rules: Mahjong game Set

The basic Mahjong Game set has 136 pieces, which contains 36 distinct kinds of pieces (4 of each kind). There are three suits, which run from one to nine.

1) Mahjong Rules: Mahjong game Bamboos

Mahjong Rules - Bamboos

2) Mahjong Rules: Mahjong game Characters

Mahjong Rules - Characters

3) Mahjong Rules: Mahjong game Dots

Mahjong Rules - Dots
Furthermore by game rules, there are four directional tiles (Winds or Feng), labeled as East, South, West, and North (4 pieces each)

4) Mahjong Rules: Mahjong game Winds

Mahjong Rules -East-South-West-North

By rules in Mahjong Game are also three Cardinal tiles (Dragons or Special Honor Pieces), labeled as Red Dragon, Green Dragon, and White Dragon (4 pieces each).

5) Mahjong Rules: Mahjong game Cardinals

Mahjong Rules - Cardinal

Lastly, there are eight optional which consist of two sets of four tiles: each series marked 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Mahjong Rules - Flowers - Seasons

Mahjong Rules: Mahjong game Winning

When a player creates a set of hand or "mahjong", he wins the game. A winning hand consists of four sets of chow, pung, or kong, and a pair.



Mahjong Rules: Mahjong game Waiting to Win


A player with one tile short of winning the mahjong game is considered to have a "ready hand". This is called "waiting" because that player is basically waiting for certain tiles to complete his hand. This is important Mahjong Game Rule.

Mahjong Rules: Mahjong game Round


In Mahjong Game , there are 4 rounds: East, South, West and North Round.
Within each round, the winds / seating position will rotate as follows: East, South, West, North (counterclockwise). This also happens in the event of a dead hand (where nobody wins).

Mahjong Rules: Mahjong game Drawing tiles

The Mahjong Game is now ready and new tiles will be taken from the "Wall" where the drawing of the initial hand ended. Mahjong Game Rules consist in: The dealer (or East) starts the Mahjong game by discarding a tile face up in the center of the table. South then draws and discards a tile, followed by West and North. Thus, the draw goes counter-clockwise around the table, unless a tile is thrown which a player can claim. In that case, the turn jumps to the respective player's position.

We'll go into more details in the Game Play section.



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